Wang Xin is still in prison, you are the name of the fast broadcast back to do things

people walk

tea cool

The new

company raised a small golden retriever, the little guy is stupid, adorable…

suspected dog born


er… Following into the subject.

this morning, Mr. Wang suddenly received a colleague forwarded a public article, said Nora back!

a number of push


began a bad evaluation of the king is still not how to believe, and then ran to look after the search and found a lot of relevant reports ~





Wen said, Nora 5 official return from the original team to build…

but the poor gentleman felt a little strange, because Nora is 5 before the released version ah, how could a comeback with the old version, don’t want to "get in" a


holding a skeptical attitude, poor evaluation of the first to find the article mentioned in the iOS version Nora 5".

five-star praise ah have wood!


After the installation of

, the first screen is open wonderful".

first screen


After clicking on

, you enter a ~

that looks very comfortable

loaded UI


finished loading, suddenly there is something wrong with the style…

jumped out of IELTS TOEFL ad


you loaded for half a day to put me out of an ad!

turn off the ads, jumped out of a prompt, asked to five-star praise…

emergency tip


what age also use this scam…

App Store is the "strike star praise unlock XX mode, and Apple will not give developers to check whether the user permissions in addition to playing star, don’t cheat person

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