100 abstruse cereal contest came the latest news (April 12th)

Fourth days

today has entered the Olympic Valley contest, the website can let everyone but that is emerge in an endless stream, the most concern is to enter the Google home page site.

is currently ranked to the first place is 100 abstruse cereal science and Technology Co Ltd (www.baiwugu.com), the company is bigger, of course, can have the last laugh is the most sweet.

came to second or 100 abstruse cereal’s most beautiful domain name (baiaogu.com), if the Olympic Valley fame is bigger, I think only in this domain most appreciation potential, look a little, it is not difficult to see that the man is trying to master, who is the third, who is the second, remains to be time to prove.

to third is (baiaogu.org), the meter has congenital advantage, and the webmaster water but the original DZ technology development group (in order to have more time to do stand, "filial piety" dilemma, had to choose such a vibrant and competitive Station Road), Kung Fu really terrible he is very optimistic.


is not a comment, I believe the real master has not surfaced, and this is the most competitive, is really a dark horse, obviously feel the atmosphere of the forum yesterday a little wrong, don’t know everyone in the work or to give up, if it is the former, I wish do you mind, but also the most important, in addition to participating can also spare some time to discuss the jar ah.

if it’s the latter, then… Not to say, want to eat this bowl of rice do Wangzhuan, must have the end really is not the most important, valuable is in the course of two months, what you do, what to learn, to ask yourself how many why? When you know when these questions, I at least I believe you will have a new upgrade in the field of SEO, this isn’t winning the prize is more important than


(found there is no reports of the competition commissioner, and I think this job, of course is compulsory, we hope that the support, also hope to see more of this in stationmaster net race in a more "Olympic Valley" theme of the article came out.


  more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html 

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