The P2P network lending platform the rise of good and bad, strengthen supervision and standardize Qi

, Shanghai, September (reporter Gao Shaohua) – P2P lending model in the last 23 years in the domestic rise, more and more people are accepted and recognized. As a new Internet channel of private lending, P2P network lending platform is still faced with lack of laws and regulations, government regulatory gaps, business qualification uneven in quality problems, need government departments to strengthen supervision and promote the healthy operation of the industry standard.

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P2P loan, is the point of personal credit platform, using the network platform to their idle funds (or investments) to the shortage of funds of the new business model, is borrowing from offline to online network edition.

according to insiders, through the P2P network lending platform, users can get a credit rating, loan demand, released on the platform to raise funds quickly, also can put their spare funds loaned funds needs and get a good return on capital. The P2P lending platform is to make a profit by trading commissions.

with the rise of P2P lending model in recent years, the rapid emergence of a large number of domestic net loan company. According to incomplete statistics, the current size of the net loan company has more than and 200. These platforms to meet the needs of small investors have a strong desire for investment and financing and financing needs of small and micro enterprises, small investors, so as to achieve rapid growth.

reporter recently from Shanghai based China first P2P small unsecured network lending platform pat loans was informed that the company was founded 5 years has produced a total of more than 400 million yuan trading, registered users reached 1 million 200 thousand. In April this year, with the support of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, pat loan also formally obtained financial information service qualification, becoming the first domestic P2P network lending industry to get the financial information service qualification of the company.

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P2P network loans also attracted the attention of the financial giants. For example, Ping An Group to build a platform for all loans, through its Shanghai Lujiazui international financial asset trading market stock company launched a steady surplus – an e loan service products.

crack financing problems to promote market-oriented interest rate

central bank recently released the latest data show that in the first half of this year, small and micro enterprise loan growth continued to rise, but the balance of loans accounted for only 28.2% of all corporate loans. This shows that small and micro enterprises from the credit income is still relatively small, financing costs are still high.

compared with bank credit, P2P network lending model is attractive, one is transparent, the lender and the borrower signed directly between the personal loan contract, a mutual understanding of each other’s identity information and credit information; the two is in the P2P mode, the lender can evaluate and choose to credit for the borrower’s credit rating, the borrower will be the priority to meet, its lending rates can also be.

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