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best-selling network novel was pirated more than and 100 websites

CCTV news channel "news broadcast" aired on November 5th

A5 station network November 5th news network novel is now an important part of young people living in the city statistics show that China’s network has reached the scale of one hundred million novel readers, readers more popular works, it is a good thing, but the network writers and websites they encountered trouble.

in recent years, network writer Cao Yi (pseudonym "edifice") each works has millions of fans. "All-powerful" is a network edifice last year’s best-selling novel, only authorized a website published. However, in the network search engine "" all-powerful "input" and "novel" and "edifice" a few words, there are dozens of pages of search results. Look at the page, one by one to see each of the search results, the results found that more than and 100 not authorized website published a novel "all-powerful".

on Baidu post bar, as well as other sites have found this book piracy. May really only one is paying readers one thousand readers, the remaining 999 are pirate sites away.

suffered piracy famous network writers revenue shrink

website to piracy network fiction writer losses there? Cao Yi to reporters just t account login, reader original website to read novels must pay, among them, two cents per thousand words in accordance with the general website for the famous writer into. Each chapter of the network novel is generally three thousand words, that is, six cents. Cao Yi found that only Baidu Post Bar, his previous best-selling novels – "all-powerful", each section average hits one hundred thousand. If 100 thousand people are reading this book, the author Cao Yi will write the following one thousand chapters. Then, the calculation of the words, it is only a Baidu post bar, will steal my 6 million yuan.

is a well-known network writer who is deeply confused by piracy. "Energy-saving is also a reader" millions of Internet novel, its author forget language told reporters that his piracy revenue fell several times.

network writers: piracy hit creative enthusiasm

Cao Yi and forget the language told reporters, on the surface, free pirated novels make readers get the benefits, but the benefits at the expense of the authors to work hard, to suppress the network fiction authors creative enthusiasm. In the long run, it is not conducive to the reader to enjoy good works.


Chinese network editor Yang Chen said, "the original literary website, as long as the work of an update immediately pirated website reprint. Basically there will be piracy within one or two seconds. But such piracy links (website) is almost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the pirate sites had a reputation of pirated links is almost hundreds, some of which have relatively large pirate station, traffic is not less than its original website."


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