Petals network get KPCB millions of dollars in the first round of investment


petals network is a waterfall flow image sharing site


technology news December 21st afternoon, interest based social network sharing website today announced that its parent company petals KPCB (Kai Penghua) first round of millions of dollars of investment, investment have all arrived today. Petals network is to shoot its website, but also has a picture of the social networking site photo petals network, image sharing community and shoot and picture cloud storage services and shoot cloud.

KPCB China partner in charge of Zhou Wei stressed that although the investment to another, but this investment will be mainly used for petals net.

It is reported that

, KPCB recently increased to early venture investment, held every Friday called TGIF (Thank God It s Friday) small gatherings, and entrepreneurs in-depth interactive full discussion, and to provide financial support to the team. Liu Pingyang participate in the second phase of the TGIF activities, the petals of the net just on the line for 5 days. After 3 days of discussion, the petals on the net to get a KPCB investment.

The petals of

network is a "Pinterest" website, is an interest based photo sharing on social networking sites, the website provides users a simple collection tools to help users will love their pictures re organization and collection.

"we all have hobbies, and our interest in the Internet is almost satisfied, there is enough information on the Internet has, so the petals network is provided to link / collection / sorting / share your interest." Petals network founder Liu Pingyang said, "this link information using a" board "means the organization, another pronunciation which is" petals "."

"user picture acquisition love to the drawing board, the process is like our interest in the content posted on the wall up, at the same time in the layout is used to form the image, the waterfall flows this way, itself a strong visual impact, but also to the strong user browsing experience."

on the business model and the investment value of petals network, Zhou Wei said: "China electricity in the rapid rise, we not only in the field of electricity providers to complete the network serves, full network (micro-blog), Jingdong (micro-blog) mall investment, is also very concerned about online shopping and entrance mode related products. Social shopping is that we are very interested in the field, we think of a lot of interest / share profit opportunities in the future and great imagination because based on consumer behavior and interests are closely related."

petals network is the most worthy of investment in this team." Zhou Wei said, we all know that the threshold is not high in this field, and to win in the competition, depending on the long-term operational capabilities of the team."

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