Event notice announced Baidu and South Korea SM strategic cooperation conference held

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) on May 8th afternoon news: Baidu official micro-blog said this morning: the afternoon there is a big event!!! It is not appropriate to say! According to the picture information, you can see that the time is two o’clock. Now events announced: Baidu and South Korea SM company held a strategic cooperation conference.

Baidu official micro-blog Morning event notice

event announced, Baidu and South Korea SM strategic cooperation


photograph from Baidu Sina official micro-blog

along with everyone’s big guess, according to micro-blog pictures do not know if anyone guess. But now, the event has finally been revealed, two o’clock in the afternoon, Baidu, South Korea SM strategic cooperation conference held as scheduled, and now Baidu and SM strategic cooperation conference is being broadcast live.

attached Baidu encyclopedia on the introduction of the SM conference in Korea: South Korea SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. (S.M.Entertainment) S.M is the abbreviation of Star Museum, meaning star Museum, hall of fame". In Korea there is a star DreamWorks, said the senior Lee Sooman SM in 1970s, his music was a very famous singer. After the backstage, with its sharp eyes, founded in February 1995, South Korea SM Entertainment Ltd., ushered in a new era of Korea’s company. In 1998, SM introduced the company’s HOT, SES to Chinese, Japan launched the "Korean wave" boom in asia. In April 2000, SM company registered in South Korea KOSDAQ market, issuing shares, became the first Korean Cultural Entertainment Co Ltd. Is the artist’s representatives are BoA, Junior, Super, TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, f (x), EXO.

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