Luxury website development bottleneck imminent transition


recently, one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network named "on the infighting, 90% employees have resigned, the company explained, have replaced the CEO and is implementing the transformation. The incident caused widespread concern in the industry, industry insiders say it reflects from one aspect of the domestic luxury site grew rapidly but the maturity is not high in luxury site "transformation" is imminent, regardless of management methods and ways to purchase should be more formal.

discount big people heart bottom

Shijiazhuang Miss Chen recently wanted to buy a D& G bag, she told reporters that her colleagues from a domestic famous brand discount to buy online, that can be a lot cheaper, and that the site is very fire now. She sign up at a glance, D& G brand bag is 4 fold, female single shoulder bag a price 8710 yuan 3650 yuan can buy, call 58% off. "This price is really exciting, but not the end." Miss Chen said with a smile, the price from abroad to buy duty-free shops but also so, if we can ensure that it is genuine, she must be shot. Over the past two or three years, the rapid development of domestic luxury shopping sites, such as Miss Chen intends to buy luxury goods online shopping more and more. Statistics show that in 2011 a quarter of China’s luxury online shopping transaction size of 2 billion 900 million yuan, up to $second in the 3 billion 450 million quarter. Expected annual turnover will exceed 16 billion yuan. Luxury shopping sites also unknown from a few years ago, now more and more widely known and recognized by the general public.

online shopping there are risks, shots should be cautious

insiders, luxury shopping websites including C2C and B2C two, C2C refers to the website is only available for businesses and consumers trading platform and is not responsible for the supply of goods; while B2C refers to the website all sales of luxury or with independent luxury sales channels, and responsible for purchasing, warehousing, logistics and other services, known the "self luxury shopping sites, such as, serves network etc.. He explained that the current luxury website, mostly refers to the form of B2C.

why luxury brands website can get such a low discount? In order to ensure the price at the same time, can guarantee the Wumart? Indeed genuine


in the face of these problems, these people said, in fact, there are two types of luxury electricity supplier procurement model: purchasing and purchasing. Purchasing method is mainly to find someone to buy abroad, purchasing people generally take the form of the purchase order or purchase discount in the form of the site. Procurement is a unified procurement from the foreign wholesalers.

it is understood that there are risks in these two ways, consumers should be in line with the risk of online shopping, hand should be cautious, the principle of purchase. Purchasing risk, purchasing people buy hand goods may be outdated foreign clearance products, may also have the slight defect, so the substantial price sales. Number of such goods purchased

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