Nora original sin referred to three ways of contributing pirated television stations will suffer dis

[Abstract] called "Indoorsman artifact Nora spring after spending a few smooth, but in April 2014 suffered a catastrophe.

Tencent technology Jianping, April 26th, reported

was called the "Indoorsman artifact Nora spring after spending a few smooth, but in April 2014 suffered a catastrophe.

on the initiative to close the QVOD server Nora, clean up vulgar and pirated content less than a week, a large number of police officers to enter the Shenzhen headquarters Nora investigation, Nora Nora staff. There are rumors that Nora CTO, vice president of operations and two technologies were taken away.


CEO Wang Xin before going abroad, insiders explained that the first time Wang Xin also used the regular course of official duties, WeChat responded to the Tencent of science and technology said: nothing, we do not have to worry about." But the outside world is more understood as an escape from the current passive situation.

this is the first time Nora was founded in 7 years suffered such a storm. Nora suffered a few days after the investigation, Wang Xin Tencent technology, said he is not convenient position, the body uncomfortable. From the tone of Wang Xin, Tencent technology can feel the downturn in the mood of Wang Xin.

Nora this is all part of the ongoing national clear network action. Nora was in the police investigation soon, Sina alleged dissemination of pornographic information checked, will be revoked "Internet publishing license" and "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" stop, engaged in the business of Internet publishing and network audio-visual programs, more people feel the seriousness of the police investigation Nora event.

it pours. The original Shanda movie copyright agency, former prime sun held a press conference in Beijing, said Nora suspected piracy prime sun exclusive publishing rights for new media television drama "orphan" and hundreds of film and television works, claims billion yuan.


long accused by Streaming Media VOD platform technology (the Nora Nora server software and client software of two parts) support methods to induce and encourage the implementation of network user behavior violated the right to network dissemination of information, there has been a "sin".

accused of 3 ways to encourage piracy

has long been accused of a Nora unclear relationship with porn and piracy, the prime sun rights division, responsible for the relevant people, our 3 sins to encourage Piracy:

is a way to jump into the site, site has a lot of icons, you can jump to different third party sites. These search results reflect the contents of the human screening, and there are a large number of fast advertising, each with navigation column. and third party site to share the database, each video content also requires Nora player to play.

second is a fast broadcast using streaming media form, composed by the server and the client, to guide the user to download from the server, upload video content, in the process of film and television buffer can also play advertising

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