Love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm would affect the medical industry


good user experience is the key to

love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in view of what is the

from the love of Shanghai released the latest announcement, claiming that the pomegranate algorithm will be on the line, this let many webmaster a fierce discussion, especially for medical websites, do a lot of medical sites friends special worry website will be affected, a responsible medical website of Shanghai dragon also worry about not again right down, do the medical Shanghai dragon is really vulnerable. Today, Chen Chen to share about love, whether the impact on Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in medical industry, inadequacies also hope predecessors advice.

algorithm is love Shanghai pomegranate influence on medical industry website

Shanghai launched the last love, for medical site is relatively large, especially completely broke the optimization techniques before the medical website, keywords optimization + chain. So, in the medical industry do not know how to optimize. The new algorithm for pomegranate, whether there is influence by everyone’s attention to the medical industry site.

to the medical profession itself, do not, is mainly reflected in your website is suspended advertising too much

the first 贵族宝贝cc-sem贵族宝贝/bdyy/330.html, the editor for Sun Chen, please indicate the source, thank you for your attention.

we know that the general medical website is difficult to respect the user experience, because medical sites generally need immediately to patients, but not how to consider the brand marketing. So, the quality of marketing more and more low medical sites, resulting in many sites will choose some suspended advertising, either the left or right, the middle is anxious, the whole site on the consultation window, but the user experience is very poor. From pomegranate algorithm is introduced, we can see that this will be suspended advertising affect user experience.


is not difficult to see from the announcement of bad advertisement for containing a large number of hinder the normal browsing of users page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam pages as the representative of the website. Before Sun Chen’s "love Shanghai let garbage advertising page stand aside" carries on the analysis to upgrade again pomegranate algorithm, mainly covers the Yellow advertising, video website, website and other drug pornographic websites.

?Scindapsus algorithm

is not difficult to see that love Shanghai every time the algorithm upgrade is in order to better user experience, such as that in the algorithm for pomegranate pop ads. In fact, when we open the responsible medical website, do not feel suspended advertising will feel disgusted? We often complain that the user experience is a very abstract concept, do not know what kind of a good user experience. From this point, we can find is that itself is a good user, let your satisfaction is the best user experience.

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