On the internal structure of 360buy series title article title (two)



in this figure, we again see the "market price", the evaluation of the four major heart words, this is called the basic combination of keywords, and in the front part of [W686] Amagatarai Amagatarai W686 3G (black WCDMA/GSM) mobile phone dual sim card ", these are the settings the main parameters of the mobile phone, from this setting method, it can be seen that the general product page in the title setting can write all, then the Jingdong will likely learn various matching keywords to be added, so as to obtain the possible flow of import, the interception of dangdang贵族宝贝 a mobile phone title as compared to

everyone in this figure can be compared and the Jingdong found what? That is for the product, although the parameters of this piece in place, but for some possible flow and not so careful to do so, this in itself is the product page title optimization will be missing place, and in a Jingdong do > block

in this category of sort, we can often see is the keyword combination flow, "" combination, you can at least 4-5 hot flow trend of achievement of the long tail keywords, long tail and a popular combination of Jingdong choice as well as we can learn, because in many cases. We will use such a combination, such as the Shanghai dragon why home title,


secondary directory Title settings – combination of key technology

as shown below, the secondary navigation on the Jingdong, we can often see the following category title

is the inclusion of Shanghai dragon basically all the long tail word, "Shanghai dragon" optimization "Shanghai Dragon Technology" and "Shanghai dragon learning" and "Shanghai dragon training" and "Shanghai dragon platform" and so on a series of key words combined with each other, which extends to all Shanghai Longfeng business, so as to achieve the optimal combination of Shanghai dragon. The long tail keywords, each keyword as a single part, then the combination of another achievement another keyword is such combination.

Website Title – mobile phone set detailed parameters into the title +

based keyword combination


finished "on the internal structure of 360buy – Title Series Title article (a)" now then finish second pieces of work, in the setting of title, we have a lot of way to go, then the following is the author Xugao part.

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