Six major factors influencing web pages included

server is not stable

web pages are divided into two types, a home page, a page, the front page of the site is only one, but the inside pages can have numerous.

The included is very importantOne part of the

layout of the site of

server is stable or not related to the site collected and user experience, if the spider came to your site when suddenly collapsed, the site is suddenly open, and the spider can not enter the site to grab; it will affect the web spider, the spider web that can’t go into the natural spider next to your website and there are few chances in grasping the content. From the website of the amount collected is reduced. So we must ensure that the server unobstructed, don’t buy those server instability.

flat structure will influence the website included

in Shanghai dragon industry, web page features have a great impact on Web traffic and keywords ranking, each page search engine can not included, this is the content filtering search engine; and we want to improve the site included, have a detailed understanding of the search engines love what content and the rejection of what content. While standing in the search engine’s point of view, the search engine can meet the customer needs the contents of priority show in the sight of customers, so as to reflect the value of the search engine, get more user acceptance. So I say the following specific factors about web page included is what.

is a website of trust on collection is also very important, some Shanghai Longfeng specialist care only about the web site keywords ranking and flow, don’t ignore the trust website; when a website is not just beginning to trust, so we will not immediately update the content to be included, but we need long-term trust maintenance of the website will have, until the site search engine to slowly build up trust, we just want more content will be the second best method, maintenance of Website Trust is regular daily for website updates, stable website content update frequency, it can get the confidence of the search engine, website update number trust will follow the increase.

layout of the site is optimized, and the layout is reasonable on the site collected has great influence. If the site is a mess, no mess and even home page links in the page, in this case even if the spider came to the site your page will not be included in the site, that is to say the spider came to your home page to see your updated content, also talk about what included ah, like website there are many, of course this website ranking is not so good, and the impact of this on page optimization is very large. We should like to layout, each page should have the latest articles and recommend to the plate, it will promote the search engine on the web included, to make reasonable arrangement of each page, will it be possible to get more included.


spider trust on the website of the

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