Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality two BBS signature



first started to do my friend Shanghai dragon has no method, there are many ways to do it or feel powerless, I was just in time to test some forum effect, some research related to stationmaster forum, found a push, Shanghai dragon why, the chain of 28 push sites included fast, high weight, I introduced him to the forum, let him do this, who thought he would get out of hand, the most crazy time, he do every day outside the chain of hundreds, a month to a site outside the chain from one thousand to six thousand. Five thousand a month outside the chain, we can calculate an account, if we do it a day how much do the chain? At least one day to do nearly two hundred! This is the collection of the general chain we do not included, even if most of the chain we made every day at least at about 300, you can do so much? Few people! Here is what I want to introduce a point: do "on

today I’m going to go below and to talk about the forum for the construction of the chain, a lot of BBS is our favorite, not only because the operation is simple, but also because the forum signature effect is very good, so some people tend to do the forum rather than do blog, blog is very actually best, the chain construction skills very full of stamina, can see front of an article of interest. Some people say that I don’t do blog, how do ah? Never mind, do do very cattle forum. Now I give you detailed introduce the forum construction skills.

a cloud!

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In front of me to give you wrote an article "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: a blog", actually in front of I have to write a series of focus is refined from some basic methods, more comprehensive analysis of how to operate. In this series, I not only to share some experience with everyone, but also for us to sort out their well for finishing these chain construction thinking skills. So I will be behind for the forum, classified information, inquiry platform some platform construction of the chain operation analyzed one by one, some skills about yourself, and also to share and exchange, we hope the exhibitions.

1, a month five thousand chain chain is not the forum to tell you

, here I want to tell you what an example is my friend’s example, he is doing very well, I don’t boast took it out as an example of an advertisement for him, but also to the forum to do outside the chain of friends confidence. I read the article before friends may also remember me to give this example, my friend is the forum outside the chain master, because he is not really for more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon, nor that he can how many cows than everyone, his skill and the beginning of the forum I taught him, but after a period of time the execution has undergone a qualitative change.

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