The influence of Lu Songsong on the site of the Shanghai dragon architecture

2011, Lou loose here I wish you a happy new year, today is summarized Lou loose all site architecture of the Shanghai dragon under the influence of before, there are many friends asked to repeat the question, I summarize here. In the future, I will continue to optimize the site to provide the template download, in line with the Shanghai dragon at the same time, both the performance problems more templates, the template for the user to create a station optimization high traffic website template.

  < DOCTYPE; HTML PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD! XHTML 1 Transitional//EN" " 贵族宝贝" >
< HTML xmlns=" 贵族宝贝" >

page source (right click to view the source file), almost every website at the top have the following code:

website design Shanghai dragon is obviously, because of the simple structure and conforms to the standard, the use of DIV+CSS architecture website search engine by love, but are good and not all DIV+CSS on the site’s ranking, the correct page layout for Shanghai dragon is very favorable. For the XHTML standard DIV+CSS layout, in general after the completion of the design are verified by W3C.

this code is to tell the browser, verification mechanism and the search engine’s spider website is based on W3C standard. Validation of the method is 贵族宝贝, input validation site, we can see the mismatch error information.

: the impact of W3C standard on the Shanghai dragon.

three: static >

Effect of DIV+CSS on the

although many websites do not follow the W3C standards and also have a good ranking, as early as a few years ago, many sites do not follow the standard, but after verification, can ensure compliance with the W3C site of the standard style will not be different browsers change, makes the site visitors see "and designed entirely consistent.

DIV+CSS is one of the commonly used terms in the web standard, XHTML website design standard, no longer use form (table) positioning technology, and the adoption of the DIV+CSS search engine for website ranking is not fixed, Shanghai dragon’s thought is to use the search engine concept to build website.

We see each

two: the effect of DIV+CSS on the Shanghai dragon.

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