The site is down the right diagnosis method and K station

in the first half of this year, the site down much right K of the station, in fact, many owners encounter these things we tell everyone I at a loss, with the right K station said the drop diagnosis method, let you quickly find their deficiencies, corrected.

before we said that the difference between love and right down to the Shanghai K station, right down the search engine is that the existence of improper practices of your site, to give a warning to you, while the K station is very evil behavior abuse treatment based on your right down to. Have a little less, this is very normal, the search engine will forgive you, but you love you, contrary to the site rules, all the current interest, ignoring the user experience, and even the use of some form of cheating, it is very easy to cause the search engine to let you down the right K station.

website is a need for the record, no record of the site, usually to the filing Department directly blocked, it will cause you to drop the right K website.

Shared IP space

, 3 websites with the effect of IP

, a construction siteThe stability of

from our years of experience, the site right down K station is generally from the 3 aspects of diagnosis: 1. construction sites, 2. Shanghai dragon operation, 3. black hat tactics. Basically the right down K station can be analyzed and diagnosed with from these 3 aspects, we will detail under these 3 ways in the diagnosis of details.

website will often use a lot of things, such as web site title, keywords, description, or URL, website structure, website will certainly attract the attention of search engines, so it is easy to cause the search engine drop right K you stand. If you do not consider thoroughly the process of revision on the site, it is easy to cause the database error or produce a lot of dead link, this is very susceptible to drop right K station.

, the website for the recordThe

if the search engine drop right K station, but also to the diagnosis of website content, see have too many unhealthy.

5, website content is not healthy

1, server


4, website

web server for search engines, keywords ranking is very important. If a site is often not open, or access speed is too slow, I believe that many users directly ignored this website. The search engine is the same, every time I think of you website but there so many obstacles, positive evaluation on your website is very poor.


a lot of people to save money, but if the IP there are several station was drop right K station, will also have an impact on your website. We like to work in an office, if there are a few people have a cold, it is easy to cause other people infected. If your request is very high, but also do not want to take such a risk, you can choose the independent host.

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