When the Shanghai dragon optimization


all know to optimize the site for many webmaster, want to have good keywords ranking, then certainly need Links and chain. A lot more impatient, will not only ensure the quality, and in a short time the chain of large-scale add Links. It’s easy to search engine punishment. We should remember that the chain that first of all to the quality of work, and then from the number. But the chain increases too much at the same time not. Especially Links, if a sudden increase too much, the search engine will think you are buying links.

2: your words are used over

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1: if you are too anxious

site optimization, there may be a few weeks or months to see results, many 90 will feel more anxious now, do you want to step away, and then even the website optimization may also have this idea. Although we can not deny the positive attitude, but you have to think about you and not everyone can do, if a website optimization is so simple, so there is no value of the Shanghai dragon er. Also remember that if you do the Shanghai dragon for longer periods of time, your site in the search engine ranking will be more stable, not on the first page today, gone tomorrow.

said the frequent use of keywords, it is easy for us to associate keyword stuffing. Some owners in order to improve the proportion of keywords to get good rankings. So I think a bunch of unnatural words together, this method has been Shanghai dragon industry that is the black hat. With the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the search results to the user more and more friendly, this method can be said to have been blocked by the search engine. So how much is suitable for keyword density? The industry generally believe that should be maintained at about 3%~8%.

3: avoid revising the title

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4: excessive addition of Links and chain

many novice webmaster to make your site in the search engine as soon as possible to have good rankings and get more traffic through organic search engine ranking, may make some mistakes in the optimization problem. When a thing at the extreme, it will move in the opposite direction, this also applies to our Shanghai dragon. So here I summarize several webmaster easy to make mistakes in engineering optimization.

many novice title written may be confused, as we all know, if the title of your site can reflect the key words on the site is very useful. As a novice may just start to do a very good planning optimization, after a period of time, it is not suitable to change the title title. The title change approach, search engine is very hate, the worst case may be search engine drop right or be K.

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