Do Shanghai dragon must understand learning and Practice

2, every day of the chain construction. How to release the quality of the chain, the chain I insist every day to do inquiry platform, classified information website, the forum outside the chain three.

I feel a Remember when

B: classification information website: classified information website business related content, can also get some traffic. For example: 58 city and Ganji, people network I released most of the information website, in addition to publishing business information, you can also publish recruitment information, good resources.

added: if it is to increase the YAHOO chain, the blog collection release is a good choice, but is now the most blog outside the chain of love Shanghai are not included.


C: the forum outside the chain: before I was quite afraid of the forum released outside the chain, now familiar with certain rules, is actually very simple. Now most of the sites are free for users, choose some weight high BBS website, make good use of the forum signature, every day in the BBS large posting, can bring the chain number very good.

of Shanghai Longfeng work most of the time arrangement, the best is a detailed work table, so that the work can be ordered to complete. For example:

started predecessors said: "Shanghai dragon is to adhere to and learn all the master is so experienced." So, with dreams, I will step into the promotion of industry promotion, from basic start, step by step, contact the relevant knowledge.

with the passage of time, with the needs of the work, encountered more and more problems, in order to seek answers to questions, slowly increasing understanding of people, to promote knowledge slowly shenru, see upgrading, have a different understanding of the industry. Shanghai dragon constantly learning, deep mining, will be more interesting.

A: quiz platform: speaking quiz platform, many webmaster think love Shanghai know, because now the love of Shanghai is the largest and most popular search engine, targeted to do, will receive good results, I love every day from the sea to the flow is the strongest. In addition to love Shanghai know, YAHOO, SOSO, you also do more, I have to bring some traffic sites. I used to ask quiz platform done in YAHOO, Google on the next day in the home, feeling really good. You love Shanghai and SOSO will also be included, is nothing more than a source of chain.

1, website update. Try to do every day to update the content of the website, as to why to do every day, is very familiar with, you believe that there is no repeat. Update the content appears to be simple, insist on is the most important, simple words by you to create, let you play thinking a powerful and unconstrained style turn, the content does not leave the industry center as far as possible to the professional. This is not simple, the same industry, will inevitably be bumped, as for how to organize the language expression, the search engine will not gudeishang your feelings.

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