share is how to make search engines fast included new

two, site specific analysis

: 贵族宝贝db.sohu贵族宝贝/regurl/regform.asp

for new friends, maybe there are some friends worried how to make new major search engines fast included, rather than have to wait half a month or even a month or so, I give an example to analysis together with you today, I hope to help you.


first, new sites do, we have to modify the site as a whole, including: title, keywords, description, web site map, robot, today I will not detail how the specific operation method, specific Internet search, the operation process and the video website owners drink can be found directly. Not difficult, after modification, and then check the site if there are dead links, bad links, because once submitted allow search engines to crawl the page is not good, is influential for search engine points.

give each page with the text of the title. If the web site title site title may advocate the use of the site representative of the company / organization title; other content pages, the title that abstraction and induction of the text made. This allows you to visit potential users quickly to your page. Please do not accumulate in the title has nothing to do with the text keyword. To ensure that each page can be a text link at. Baidu is unable to recognize the Flash connection, the connection is pointing to a page on these elements, Baidu will not be able to input. The connection between the page, try to use the level of super chain, instead of redirecting jump. Use the active jump page, may be lost baidu. To minimize the use of frame and iframe framework. If the number of dynamic pages, please control what parameters >

search: 贵族宝贝d.zhongsou贵族宝贝/NetSearch/pageurlrecord/frontpageurl.jsp

baby baby aristocratic noblesSogou

: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html


Shanghai: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html

, the above preparation work done, you can submit to the major search engines to open the site, you need to submit the search engine search bar above will be prompt, then follow the prompts, you can submit, in accordance with the specific can I give the address, followed by submission, if necessary:

TOM: 贵族宝贝search.tom贵族宝贝/tools/weblog/log.php

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