5 tips to take you out of the web site is down right Dejiong exit


found that the site is down right is not what great things, look at your Links is not too much, or other site is K, a chain of snapshot is updated, the weight chain is efficient. When looking for the Links should pay attention to these, don’t pay attention to PR, the weight is also very important, get rid of the problem in the chain, update your website content. Find your weight is to know timely to check the chain in the lower, should not be ignored. This also remind everyone to pay attention to the quality of looking for a chain rather than quantity.

site will affect the site’s ranking is stable, I think that everyone should be sure. Novice in the website is because.

four, web serverThe

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three, long time no original content of the website

we all know that the site is down right mainly has the following performance: Web site keywords ranking drop; website page reduction; website snapshot not update the home page; not included in the first; the name of the web site is not the first, why these problems? How to solve

title, a website, keywords accumulation

title is an important index for the spider in the site, many webmaster love on Title today, tomorrow we are to change, change, change will often let the spider think you are cheating, or do not know the site. The keyword of the website is to be described in the title, but not the words too much, it will form the keywords accumulation phenomenon. For a long time, site, you will find that the home page is down right, love Shanghai included are constantly reduced. So don’t often change Title keywords to describe good, insist to do this keywords, ranking is to have time to do it, this is not one or two days, not urgent.

webmaster friends every morning is not the first to brush my teeth, but to look at the website ranking rose? Key ranking rose? The snapshot update included many?? when these factors are not changed or reduced, our webmaster can be one day is very sad. We are not too sad today, and we talk about the reason, let me take you out of the site is down right Dejiong exit.

spider every day in the visit to your website and found your article are some of the old content, or basically is collected, the lack of original content, so that a long time, the spider will not come, then you will keep ranking, snapshot update, search engine will be included so? No matter how busy you are, you have to remember to update the original website, not every day, but with a frequency. If it is within the enterprise website, original content less, you can also try to increase the pseudo original website. Collect things will only give your site more disadvantages.

two, Links.In fact,

The stability of

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