Guizhou Shanghai dragon manual optimization once the chain why better

Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization manual why better visit: Guizhou high was: www.gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝

garbage chain: such as the search results page a link, some webmaster service website chain website ranking is not generated, links to related websites. This is the most basic garbage outside the chain, many tools group is relying on this link to search results produced by search time. They all know that now, these tools have been very rampant, but the charges are not high, short time, a massive increase in the chain to the site, the chain in fact is the biggest harm may lead directly to your site is down right.

Guizhou high was that the network promotion personnel will have many ways to do the chain. For example, two-way Links, acquisition of the Ming link and so on, the chain to ensure that the site from the chain of garbage. Guizhou once thought or the hand chain better, risk control.

manual release, this is the end of love Shanghai website weight and keywords ranking optimization: we manually in the forum / blog post and reply to the theme, with anchor style links, one-way links such directly to your website, to improve website weight and keywords ranking is very helpful. This is also the time of return type with link search engine optimization is the most efficient cost minimum. We love to see some of Shanghai ranking good websites will find that most of them are not the same site outside the chain is a form of link.

The chain

two-way Links, only play a beneficial effect, but only a one-way link into the chain, no export, this effect is ideal. A release, the most important is the chain release quality assured, unlike the software group, the reply is often waste link, the contents of the reply by chaos not logical, very simple webmaster delete each other, so all the links posted on the site will fail, will constitute a great negative impact. Artificial release of the chain, the cost of publishing is through up and selection of serious, these are the chain cost excellent, the quality of the chain released this out will be guaranteed, it is very good for the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect.

Permanent one-way links to


, with excellent quality, cover a wide range, strong universality, which is the return type English manual release chain advantage. Is to link website page PR again, assuming that the chain is not stable for a while, then the keyword ranking effect also can not play any effect.

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