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for small guest, they less investment, promotion of the soul, can earn several hundred dollars a month, also feel pretty good, and with perfect guest promotion products, as long as the effort has its own characteristics, to achieve this goal is not difficult, including the present, it is not very difficult. So, I feel the future, small Tao guest promotion, will be towards the essence and special direction.

is the beginning of your micro-blog is certainly not what people are concerned, you can query to a certain keyword, the keyword, add your micro-blog store or links, remember not to have too much advertising, or micro-blog is not to send the. Jack Bauer from micro-blog mining to 2 customer transactions, I search keywords is "buy the Hong Kong Version," United States "for the Hong Kong version Meisu" and so on, release the content of the mothers who are more anxious, were most likely. After making the keyword, I’m going to make it a tool to automatically comment on these micro-blog!


1, I think the future will show the guest group, both large and small in the middle of the trend. It’s a big trend at the moment. So-called, refers to the large and small Amoy Amoy, Amoy is currently a small majority. I positioned the big cat guest is, have a certain strength, including a large website promotion team, the operation of the company; Amoy is small, individual combat, through the promotion of chat, blog, etc. the simple "amoy. sh419 is currently the top few stations especially one of them I often observe doing really good income will not be less. With the development of Amoy promotion products, some large companies or sites, has joined the Tao guest promotion, such as special offer the king, smart, Tesco etc.. They join, will increase the competitiveness of Amoy promotion. On the basis of existing industry experience and all aspects of strength, they should be able to develop quickly. Of course, with the number of guest, big companies to participate in the cooperation, Ali mother side to product perfect pressure will increase, it will promote the development of the product, with the emergence of more and more big guest.

2, Amoy cashback, is a trend. Only the interests of this part, to achieve a reasonable allocation between Taobao, the shopkeeper, Amoy buyers can do.

5, participate in group buying activities promotion.

1, friends promotion.

the most effective forum, of course, is some of the mothers often go to the forum, such as baby tree, Guangzhou mother, parents, Kingdom, etc.. In these forums, remember that you don’t have to post a post with ads, so your account will be blocked soon. Must be careful management, if you see the urgent need of milk to customers, so you can private letter. Taobao official forum is also a good place, if your article has the opportunity to be rated as the essence, then you are not far away from the sale,

2, micro-blog promotion.


chose to adhere to, we have to talk about their views on the future development trend of the hearts of guest promotion. Just to share, to perfection.

should pay attention to batch promotion. Manager of the number, there are hundreds of friends, there are junior high school students, high school students, university students, old colleagues, and so on. Note that the batches sent today issued the 50, tomorrow the 50; and the store number to less as far as possible, to write on the other nickname name, do not let others think you are poisoned! The promotion effect, the best effect is an old colleague, because of recent contact primary school students, junior high school students, the general effect. Hong Kong version of milk powder, southerners prefer; all my friends in Beijing drink pure imports, are foreign purchasing.

part-time Amoy a month, these days start to earn an average of 50 a day, every day in the group and a discussion forum and help guest communication, found this group and Amoy webmaster group almost, many words are all new and enthusiastic audience are all his money in a real expert. Every day in the forum to see a lot of guest complain, complain about not unreasonable, in fact as long as we are still able to curry favour by claptrap, understand. I am an ordinary, mediocre guest, I hope to see you can earn some commission every day, but sometimes not so. Nevertheless, I still like many here complained about the guest, always choose the silent persistence,. "Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be fine, but most people die tomorrow night."." I hope everyone will be able to see the same words as I do.

, there were Taobao counterparts in the big

do Taobao, many are novice, even if your article is not advanced articles, is the primary article, this also does not matter, Taobao junior sellers accounted for the proportion of less than the senior sellers. Well written articles can be posted on famous websites and leave less obvious marks in the article. Xiaoqiang article published in the "Webmaster Station", but also on the home page, browse thousands of it. But because there is no experience before, without leaving a little bit of relevant information, waste this promotional shop opportunities

guest advantage lies in their mode of operation, operations team, existing customers, to investment fund operation. Their disadvantage is that they can’t do is that "Tao Tao guest promotion", they in the promotion, will certainly take the way to win, and this gave little opportunity for the development of amoy.

free promotion

3, forum promotion.

4, blog promotion.



new store is always no one to see, and there is not a few inquiries, there is also brush reputation, not to mention what turnover. So what is the way to increase the flow of your store? Here are some of the experience I’ve worked on and summarized. It’s mainly divided into free promotion and paid promotion:

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