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for Wang Yanyun, doing children’s clothing is not only a business, but also to create content, convey lifestyle. Entrepreneurship 8 years, 3 children, she kept watching the children, and children grow up together. "How can parents dress their children today? What do children need? How can they dress to develop their aesthetic taste?"

brothers, sisters, tee and climbing suits become "

powder board child product founder Wang Yanyun

had the most enviable life, past time fashion editor, Wang Yanyun often high-heeled shoes, take a plane to see the show, the world interview celebrities, this is her home in the "easy mode"; in 2009, when her daughter was born, Wang Yanyun was a "click", to switch into life the "hard mode" roll up their sleeves in the world order, looking for fabric, she opened the shop in the Taobao children, also called themselves "small boss", "small shopkeeper".

every child has a unique temperament, don’t let it be "what to wear" from




mom starts business and kids do "

, the mother of the last generation in Shanghai, if she wanted to make a good dress for her child, she would probably have to find a tailor, and I wanted to do it myself." A man with 3 mixed wanderers, Taobao manager Wang Yanyun start the children for eight years. "My husband and I are starting a business. I’m in China. He’s in America."." She said, taking care of a parcel full of studio. For she such Taobao dispensers, every year "61" should not be underestimated, and this year is more heavy, the immediate as reflected in the store sales.

refuses to be overly animated, refuses to dress up as a princess, and refuses to be defined by adults. Wang Yanyun’s ideal of children’s clothing to full details, sometimes can let the children and the clothes on "small organs" interactive, fun; sometimes it can bring a sense of ritual culture, the concept of different dress children on different occasions, such as family travel, graduation weekend, etc..

of course, from another point of view, for offline traditional stores, this will be after the electricity supplier and another disaster. A number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Internet giant, is also facing the crowning calamity: they think online connection and service customers are likely to die, because the new generation of entrepreneurs were connected directly to workers and consumers! "

now, everything is different.

because of the many children at home, Wang Yanyun designed a set of brothers, sisters, tee and climbing clothes. One family was just wearing a lively, fun, "parent-child", did not think the shop guests are love, then it is chasing a single, new, are sold to sell something.

brother said: moving, car wash, toilet, nail art…… The soil to the dregs of the traditional service industry is always being optimistic about the "small business", the field of entrepreneurs are limited in the small business level, it is difficult to attract the attention of capital. But based on the new model of O2O mobile Internet service +LBS, so that all services can go to the store, home to the people, the traditional service industry is the result of large-scale disintermediation, who can not keep up with the wave of small business people are likely to face the crowning calamity on a number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Internet giants, they face: they want to connect online crowning calamity and customer service are likely to die, the skin does not exist maojiangyanfu

all VC believe that China’s local service sector will appear in the tens of billions of dollars of listed companies, but more than a decade, they rarely invest money in this industry. That’s right. Most of the services provided by local service companies are non-standard services, most of which are limited to the local market, and entrepreneurs are mostly at the level of small traders…… In short, these companies neither the concept of non performance, could not listed. There is water, just not too successful, such as spring. He invested in a wealthy overseas Chinese in 2009, and the latter is close to bankruptcy.

At the beginning of the "

| "entrepreneurs" magazine reporter Yang and

since 2013, the local service has more than 30 segments, there has been a large number of O2O model start-ups. The attitude of investors to them can be explained by the rapid growth of their valuation. From angel development to A round, Internet Co generally takes a year, and finally rose 10 times normal. And many O2O company’s trajectory is, the establishment of six months, that is, to complete the A round of financing, from Pre A to A round of valuation may rise 10 times. The company, which started a relatively long time, valued at $100 million at the beginning of the year and is now talking about the valuation of $300 million." 58 city chief strategy officer Chen Xiaohua told the "entrepreneurs", as well as the company told him "no less than $400 million price".

business, the powder board only covered some of Shanghai’s quality families; after opening the Taobao store, the field of vision opened. Wang Yanyun jokingly said, "Taobao has brought all Chinese consumers to me, and I want to think more."." Grasp the head of users, Shou Shou product reputation, in the influx of new users of the situation, we should actively operate "die loyal powder", to get feedback from users. In this way, even if the unit price has reached "high price" like 586 yuan, the popularity of the powder board is only increasing.

will still have the investor makes mistakes, but the probability of not so high as before. Because of the wave of entrepreneurship, several pioneers have redefined the offline products and gained opportunities in the national market with new tools, thus generating scale income. Such as magic net, its revenue in 2013 was about 200 million yuan. E generation drive has also received a scale income. Their experience has proved that the current wave of local services O2O entrepreneurship is solid, not playing the concept.

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