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YAHOO bought Tumblr for $1 billion 100 million, and many thought it was a gamble. However, I am convinced that the value of Interest Graphs is, in my opinion, that this acquisition is simply making a profit.

many APP, which grew on parasitic social networks, when the social network cut off the channel, these APP fell to the bottom, because the content of these APP is not worth enough, leaving users. Tumblr is different, it has accumulated a lot of valuable content before the rapid development.

1, the more specific the interest, the more valuable

some view points 2999 yuan pricing as a compromise in Dallas electric bicycle left in sharing — before the M1 and N1S pricing in more than 5000 yuan. "We can’t only care about first-tier cities, there are actually many small city government run public bike, but still have a lot of people to buy electric cars in the city, so from this perspective, the two form of products does not conflict." Hu Yilin said, "everyone and travel demand is not the same, for example, you may demand is from the subway station to the km road, then I need is that I do not want to squeeze into the subway, I five kilometers from home to the company can use the electric car."

Beijing on May 25th news, PandaWhale CEO, · co-founder Adam Rifkin Adam; Rifkin recently published an article about YAHOO’s acquisition of Tumblr transaction, he believes that this acquisition is worth.

Tumblr is different, you don’t even know you’ll see >

after reading the article, perhaps you will agree that Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram.

some big companies may think Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram, why is that so, let’s say something like this:

original text is as follows

Rifkin’s point of view is very interesting.

first, we need to figure out the differences between the two graphs. One is social graph and the other is interest map. The two are coexisting, contradictory and changing each other. Facebook, for example, is more social oriented, and Facebook users focus more on each other than on each other. Tumblr’s content is anonymously released and users are directed at content. Tumblr does not have to rely on other platforms because it has high quality content. If the author releases content in Tumblr, even though the reader does not know who he is, but pays for the content, the two also establish a relationship, which is also a social graph, though it does not exist.

before the press conference, the media had shared bicycle posters and full swing together. Although there is a big difference in cycling and sharing of property, but as a convenient means of transportation, two in the scenario is a hanging point many similarities: conservative life, affordable pricing and 30 to DIY to U1 is also defined as the electric car industry "open platform". On the other hand, full street shared bicycles are unlikely to play a positive role in people’s desire to buy electric cars. In fact, the concept of sharing motorcycles is also ready, some companies have got the investment began to launch, and the whole body with intelligent attributes of the calf electric car sharing is not difficult.

is an interesting example of Tesla, after the introduction of revolutionary products Model S, they immediately developed a PFP Model 3. Similarly, Mavericks electric cars also have a cooler M>

12 this month, Dallas electric new car U1 released in Beijing. To distinguish between battery size and mileage, U1 is divided into power version, urban edition, Youth Edition three versions, priced at 3899 yuan, 3499 yuan and 2999 yuan. Compared to the previous 6899 yuan N1S power version, 2999 yuan of Youth Edition U1 set a calf tram price history low. The new model also joined keyless start for the first time, enabling users to switch on electric cars without needing to insert keys. At the conference, the Mavericks electric also incidentally upgrade the brand to "cattle electric technology."".

"of course we want to make more people experience and use electric cars through technology, or to let more people experience the charm of technology. Sharing is one of them.". Someone once called us, consider sharing or sharing of electric cars, motorcycles, I think whether the shared bicycle mode, to see the Dallas entire business model with the future may go in the direction of what." Hu Gang, the co-founder of Niu electric technology, told dot technology, "we’ve definitely thought about sharing this, but we’re not going to do it for the time being.". We are a product company, the first to do a good job of products, this is the first."

then, what is the value of the interest map that Tumblr builds? 1. It allows users to express an extremely special interest. Two, more to the reader than to the author. Three, it has valuable content that does not depend on specific social relationships, temporary relationships, and platform relationships between readers and authors. Four 、 grasp user’s intention, especially commercial intention.

venture partner Greylock Partners partner Joe history · Ellman Josh Elman that: everyone’s Facebook dynamics and other peers of the same dynamics. A more than 20 year old man posted a post on Facebook, a more than 30 year old who shared a wedding photo, and a more than 40 year old looking at a cute photograph of a child.

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