Break through the traditional station atmosphere of China

more words. Personal ideas, text expression is clumsy, including.

in the webmaster group talked about two topics "break the traditional Chinese webmaster trading market" and "to do a website." "break the traditional China webmaster trading market" perhaps this is our class these small webmaster no capital to talk about. Because there are many giant portals. They lead, the Internet affects China heart


this topic, many people actually have this idea expressed in their hearts, but not many people raised, or not many people concerned about.


talked about the topic, there was a commotion in the crowd. The topic seems so deep that we can do nothing but not do it.

"to break the traditional China webmaster trading market" which is a way to practice the idea? In fact, many owners have a better understanding of the development of the Internet Chinese now, most of the grassroots webmaster is also very sensitive to this topic, just because a lot is incapable of action.

we can’t really do what? NO! But there is always debate and inevitable, but also because there is a further argument, the topic and the idea of perfection. "Constant"! Has its value in any way.

"go to a website",

this topic is just the first topic. The topic is "traffic topic all day long."". A webmaster friend said, "the site does not put traffic advertising, do not make money, what?"

sites do not put ads that don’t make money what? That’s right! But, if you are in order to their own interests and aspirations, but stay in a China style living to the flow of advertising webmaster, to dwell on network to make money. Then your last grand ideal climate station it is difficult to do successfully.

of course, what money thing easier. If you have no money, there is a web site do not belong to junk traffic? Do not advertise, do publicity. Your content is not bad. There are 80% of the traffic from the search. If five hundred people a day, from the search should have 4 people so. How to think of the search,


choose to do a web site, for a person, an atmosphere is very important (external cause), of course, not lack of talent, 80 after many webmasters create miracles. So if we want to consider a traditional station development, so to understand their development history, and to reflect on what you are doing, how to do it yourself! People are not necessarily suitable for yourself, but it is necessary to learn some.

how to develop personal websites in the future, I’ve read a lot of articles. Among them, the website with individual interest still has development path very much.

We can think of the

, the development over the station, the success of the network business. Whether it’s a group or an individual, which one?

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