Operating a lot of stationery shop decoration tips how much you know

now, a variety of new projects continue to emerge, which will undoubtedly bring more choices for people. Of course, many people still prefer small investment. Stationery store is a lot of people choose to join, but also need to pay attention to the details of the decoration store a lot of details, the following are some simple decoration skills.

The decoration design of the spatial pattern of

Three space

the space: place assistant customer need and engaged in related work. There are two conditions: first, confusion with the customer space, one is separated from the customer space.

contact store: commodity space adjacent to the street, customers buy goods on the street, the clerk in the store customer service, and the clerk separated by commodity space.

, closed around the store: three spaces are in store, customers are free to choose goods, roaming, is actually open shelf sales.

can often see the school next to the many stationery shop business is good, but there is a common drawback, the space is too narrow, when people go shopping very uncomfortable. Therefore, the decoration must be considered to leave a room for customers to move, which will make people feel more comfortable.


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