Ranking from seven million to nine hundred thousand, my English station is the way

checked my English website Alexa before going to sleep. It’s already nine hundred thousand. From seven million to nine hundred thousand, these four months, I can say a lot of emotion ah. My website is on the line by the end of November. Before, I used a free space, two corn made a mobile game site. In the traffic to do two hundred when the space providers closed, and it is estimated that many unfortunate people at the same time.

then, in the middle of November, I bought an American space and started a station with Joomla. It took three days to become familiar with the system. Now some people do English station with the domestic system, I think in fact or abroad, do as the Romans do well. Also some people do English stand, or use the domestic website style, very fancy, must be done before the station did not seriously investigate foreign websites, hastily mounted. I made twenty articles for the PR update at the end of the year, and the website was released.

second days Google normal included. YAHOO is also included in about a week, but there are fewer pages. About the comparison of the three foreign search engines, you can write an article and say nothing about it today. After on-line, I updated two times a week, about three or four articles. Soon, Google began to flow, less time, a few IP, more than twenty or thirty ip. I remember once came forty, was so happy. But at this point, my IP was sealed. I am a virtual host, no way, who calls abroad is so open?. Fortunately, my site is in English, little impact, just update trouble points, ha ha, all foreign traffic here. Soon Google PR update, I checked my, ha ha, 1.

then insisted on updating. By the middle of the month, the traffic had reached sixty or seventy. However, one of my key words suddenly disappeared. At that time, I was very depressed. Fortunately, I just dropped the right and didn’t enter the sandbox. Just to go home for the new year, and then stopped updating. It was about five million, up two million. Within a month and a half of my home, I stopped updating and promoting. No way. In the country, there’s no equipment in the house. Finally to the end of February, the website has reached one hundred IP, ranking to two million. So two times a week, but also to strengthen publicity.

now, another month has gone by, most of the key words have been sent to the first five pages, and some of the key words have reached the first page. But the main keyword or no ranking?. Of course, the flow has risen a lot, already close to three hundred. Personally feel that the English competition is still very fierce. But if you have the resources or willing to invest, you can do it quickly. Or, if you are industrious and patient, you can do it slowly. From doing stand up, A5 is coming every day, hoping to find peer exchanges. But I haven’t met any real English station. Therefore, write down some of your own experience, and hope to communicate with some of the English station webmaster. In addition, I will write some of my own experience for your reference.

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