Talking about the resurgence of lattice station (Continued)

last week, I published an article about the rise of the grid station again. Talking about the rise of the grid station again, I started on ADMIN5, and I was forwarded by the main station. After the publication, I thought it was just an ordinary article. Did not expect that many users really questioned it. Of course, there is doubt that my idea is still to let everyone know the side. Below I will ask the net friend’s question to make the following summary and the analysis.

1. The advertising position on the grid station is only a few dozen dollars. What’s the future?

personally, I think everything has been done since childhood. If you have this idea, then your heart is too big. At the beginning, many websites started from childhood. Such as HAO123 and so on. We all know that as early as 06 years was hot at the grid stations are now There is not much left.. Why is that? There are two reasons: a. Because too many people do, but to do is have no, the webmaster is directed at the station to do grid flow situation, and forget the feeling of the users, when the grid station how to allow users to produce viscous advertising piggy bank? This is a challenge to the webmaster. First of all, you should enrich the content of the site, rather than simply for advertising and do stand only for traffic and do the station. Then you might as well be a navigation station.

so I told you to do what you pay attention to is what the content and benefits can be given to the user, but not traffic and advertising. If you have a fixed user. So, traffic and advertising does not naturally come, B?. Should be targeted to do the station, rather than a wide range of stations, the original grid station is for the entire network to do. There is no definite industry orientation, so it leads to the final failure. If you don’t have a definite industry orientation, the grid station is actually a failed navigation station. A traffic interchange station. Will not bring you benefits and users. If you’re going to let the grid stand up again, you’ll have to do the grid work in the industry, and do it in a targeted way. Is " earn Wangzhuan " do, should be targeted. This site is for Wangzhuan to do. So he sold out his ad. So it’s profitable.

2. Anything is possible. Nothing is possible,

why do I say that, even though my station is a bit successful now?. Because it’s in the right direction. Just as netizens say. Anything is possible。 But I think everything is impossible. If the site does not make more improvements after starting, it may also fail. So where is it supposed to be improved? Personally, I think we should improve a few points: 1. Do a forum to why? Because the forum is the best way to improve the viscosity of the site, but also to do Wangzhuan forum. Do it for the theme of the website. Don’t have too many other content. For example, " irrigation version " " film and television version " >

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