The Baidu website is divided into new policies, which makes the prospects for the site navigation st

Baidu alliance in 2009 06 on the afternoon of 30, the site is divided into new policy news, will be dedicated to the site navigation site into the side rate to make adjustments, the content is as follows:

from July 1, 2009 onwards, search, cooperation, promotion, URL station cooperation model will implement the new policy. Baidu search into the default initial ratio is 30%, then were divided according to the forms of cooperation, increase the proportion of flow, quality, cooperation and alliance website alliance certification time and many other factors, up to 45%; non default Baidu search will not enjoy the cooperation into.

The default

Baidu cooperation form has three kinds of forms of cooperation (example at the back there, Union):

, A, Baidu exclusive, B bias Baidu, C Baidu priority, D put competitors first: K, ha ha, the original text without this D, hereby disclaimer.

and most importantly, there is a special note below:

1, members can only put one of the above "default Baidu" forms of cooperation, not to mix a variety of forms, otherwise it will be divided into the lowest proportion.

2 and other forms of cooperation need to be approved by the written agreement of the alliance, otherwise they will not be involved.

3, from the date of publication of the announcement, all through the URL station for search, promotion and cooperation of members of the alliance, the need for the League for the record, otherwise the Union has the right to directly follow the URL station policy to deal with accordingly. Please click here to submit information on the website. Http:// Sid=57264& lang=zh-Hans

Baidu alliance salute to everyone.

author analysis, Baidu released the main purpose of the news can basically boil down to the following points:

one, will be a large number of Web sites, use groups guide to Baidu, while Google is still busy when the fire, and quickly burn a commercial gimmick. Grab lost market share.


full use of Chinese as the search leader, "soft pressure" most navigation station to actually for a navigation website, Baidu and GOOGLE placed in the upper position and the lower position does not seem to affect the user’s habits, but Baidu should see the more far-reaching effect. That is, always put the Baidu pictures in the middle of the room is what effect? Whether the battle or the final effect, can only get better and worse. My site, no choice, no choice.

two may be collected in the form of URL station information

is now for the site navigation site management is more and more strict, because in addition to search engines, navigation website ranked second place there seems to be no doubt too easy for novice users especially the site to find the interested

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