Update ranking promotion from correction to enjoy adhere to is victory experience


file is not a long time recovery update not included, this is many webmaster have experienced trouble, believe that this is not a few, many people will choose to give up the station, and buy a new domain name to do the new station, again, a waste of time and energy. The author and these webmaster friends, also had the idea of giving up. Later in Webmaster BBS BBS post for help, a lot of enthusiastic webmaster friends are encouraging me, must insist, persist is victory. When I stand Baidu snapshot by May 11th, a collection of content is few, my home is still, website traffic is mainly from the home page to search. After the correction of the daily flow of only about 60, very distressed, irreversible, neither dead nor alive feeling, is a very happy thing for a person who loves the cause of personal webmaster website. I persevered, persist for two months, Baidu finally for my insistence and moved, re update my home page, and then began to update content pages a week. Updated the day I brought more than 400 of the IP, a lot of keywords are ranked Baidu home, and some ranked first. I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep all night. Personal feeling the persevering scriptures. Let’s share how I’ve persevered and achieved relatively good results. I’m just on what the SEO rookie network, know a little, here I just wrote nearly three months to adhere to the action, not that I used what good medicine to the site to treat live. I hope everyone will read my experience and give me more valuable advice. Let’s make progress together,


at the beginning of April, I began to build your resume, of course content is copied, minor alterations after it was released, two weeks after Baidu began to included the home page, GOOGLE included a number of relatively slow, a month just collected less than 10 pages. Baidu included every day brings more than a dozen IP. For me it is a kind of encouragement, so I also continue to add content, enrich the content of the whole station finally, when May 20th has 300 articles. From Baidu to May 22nd, it’s almost three days old. On the 22 day, the second day after the update, snapshot back to May 11th, the content page is much less, there are only a few pages left. At first I thought it was just a temporary problem, such as a week or so, anxious, to reason, Baidu search found that the original is not in this day of the two month time template updated three times, the replacement of the template is out and out. Web page code changes greatly, keyword changes greatly, Baidu spider often can not find the road, it does not come, the content of its own station is also non original. When Baidu tried the new algorithm, I think my station has been honored to be a Baidu test. It is not that I stand K, I stand there is a certain value, just fall down the right, do not update and not K out, half-dead, which stationmaster experienced this are very upset.

a month has passed, this kind of stop updating is not included in the situation is still, I went to the webmaster network forum to help station friends, I said a lot of the situation, many webmaster

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