Free behind the trap of passive transmission Trojans

          VPS;     a few days ago to see someone to provide free space and I feel quite curious. Guesses the other party intention to be unsuccessful, then adds QQ to inquire, the result several words come down, frightens me to jump. This person provides free space or VPS, only requires hanging a section of JS code, without any advertising does not affect the site, said the purpose is to brush traffic and ranking! The words to feel each other in nonsense, then download the other requirements of the JS, which is only connected to a JS URL, in looking at another, every time you want to turn into a HTML, several old man down tired out! Finally, out of a pile of things, the ultimate goal of automatically downloading Trojan horse!

            use a lot of loopholes, the specific code not posted, rising free to kill, in trouble!

The thunder storm MPS.StormPlayer.1

DPClient.Vod vulnerability; vulnerability;

first check whether you install WEB thunderbolt, no installation will pop up the installation prompt, the installation will use Xunlei vulnerability automatically download and execute Trojan horse!

linked code is:  

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