The experience from the railway station 100 Aogu access statistics as standing rules

Since the

100 abstruse Cereal Contest start, my entry site has been ranked in front, the optimization effect is good. In this period also made a few new, often visit the statistical analysis of traffic sources, Adger found a characteristic, the content of strong repeatability, for the new station, it is difficult to obtain flow. To flow the key words are I personally written some of the original article. A point of view for new Adsense website now Ajie talk about my.

first, don’t be impatient,

new station made, the real flow is in half a month later, during this period, we do not have to go through a large number of collection to enrich the content of the site. Even if we want to make new sites more content, we’d better do the appropriate editing of the data collected, so that when the search engine included, relatively speaking, there will be a relatively good weight.

second, new sites to actively do the chain

for new webmaster, a new web site to get high quality of the chain is more difficult, then we can only choose the second. Like well-known forums, well-known blog, are access to the chain of relatively good place, but such a chain should not lead in a short time to increase too much, it will backfire.

third, write soft Wen propaganda

writing soft Wen is to test our webmaster in junior high school writing standards, language learning good webmaster, undoubtedly occupy a certain advantage. But this is not to say that writing is not good webmaster can share the big cake, as long as insist on writing, I believe your level will slowly improved, although can not be compared with the professional writer, but to promote your site experience and share their experiences is enough.

next article, I will detail (excellent, graceful, website operation process, to a new station of personal examples to tell new AdSense for new station construction – promotion of the whole process.

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