Some thoughts on training programs in the circle of stationmaster

this year webmaster circles training market is booming, the rapid development depends on the network and the market economy under the severe employment form, more people want to improve their occupation skill training charge so as to solve the housing problem. For the webmaster circles also have every kind of SEO training, training, training, establishment of Wangzhuan marketing training projects, help the webmaster to enhance the capacity of all aspects of personal development, make the grassroots webmaster transformation into a regular occupation development, sustainable development. I summed up the webmaster circle is doing well in some of the training projects, basically from the following 5 aspects to build a complete set of models.

one, benchmarking. Benchmarking is what we commonly call success stories. Training courses are different from our general form of products, such as air conditioning product tangible, so there is no need for training case; this product, no successful cases, it is difficult to convince people. Network engineer training such as training, will recommend the employment structure; such as higher training after graduation will share some Wangzhuan, can guarantee how much income each month; if you find yourself training benchmark, depending on their location of training content. Is Wangzhuan training? Or SEO training, if SEO training, how to give students users a benchmark. If we simply say that this is a skill training, after mastering the ability to enhance your personal skills, in the job search and entrepreneurship can bring good results. This benchmarking role may not establish the student’s impulsive spending.

two, public opinion. Public opinion can be understood as the background of the network, such as webmaster circles at present fire some techniques and applications, the relative discussions are more and more people; corresponding under this kind of environment is easy to receive the sought after skills training. Combining the actual training process, experience and harvest after a part of the trainees, you can get good public opinion advantages. Public opinion is not a derogatory term, most of the skills training often belongs to a kind of impulsive consumption, on the one hand, the potential demand of potential students with the skills, such as the owners really want to learn the SEO technology, the introduction to learning technology Wangzhuan in-service personnel, want to learn marketing, integrated marketing skills, combined with some training good public opinion and of course, price, easy impulse. As a training institution, on the one hand, in the context of seizing the environment and public opinion, and combining with the current training results, we actively establish their own brand public opinion.

three, promotion. Strictly speaking, public opinion is also a model of promotion, we can understand the soft text. But I also want to mention some other promotion models. The more is pushing a person by a representative of the training courses to build enough brand, brand awareness and connections in the industry, reached the final of the propaganda and training institutions, this is our traditional training industry in the promotion of the Internet directly to. Next is through >

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