The store can’t play tricks on sales promotion

"promotion" has now become the major stores will take the business strategy, and how to promote the sales of the store will have a great influence. However, if you want to really promote the sale of the store to help, you can achieve higher product sales, you can not play tricks, or the development of the store will have a very negative impact.

there is a saying in China: a good excuse for a moment, I can not hide. If the business promotion is not based on customer honesty and respect, but purely to promotions and promotions, only to curry favour by claptrap attract the attention of customers, for customers pocket money, and lotteries are little more than practical unsalable goods, I think this business really can put up the shutters not far away. At the very least, this is no respect for customers! Customer is god! Just think: who would like to go to a store that has left unhappy memories? No matter how attractive the business promotion.

to tell the truth, the old lady in rural areas like to take advantage of small, which supermarket in the village to engage in special, which supermarket more affordable, they are more clear than young people. A young woman in the village told about one of the things she had experienced. She was so angry that she never wanted to go to the supermarket again.

what is this: there is an opened near the supermarket, from the brochure written on the egg 2 9 pound, when the egg prices strong, the price of the egg as can be imagined. At once, all the old sisters rushed to the bargain. 2 eggs, a pound of 9 is indeed true, but the purchase of $2 per person. The purchase is right, but the queue queue too long.

team is too long is right, the key is the time limit. There is a time limit is right, but more annoying is that this group of people standing in the legs of the old ladies, the time limit is empty handed back. The old ladies: "no good Voices of discontent. No quality, won’t go to the supermarket to buy something." These old ladies have never bought anything.

heard this thing, I do not know when is the supermarket sales egg supply is no ample supply or sell more pay and more thoughts have halted promotion. But in any case, the supermarket is indeed a way to hurt their hearts, I believe that, because of the unsuccessful promotions, the loss is not only a group of people who are not high consumption of the old lady so simple?

although many shops have been aware of the importance of the promotion, but in the real promotional activities, but it is easy to ignore some of the details, resulting in the development of the promotion of the shops unfavorable. If you really want to improve their visibility and vigorously promotion, at least to businesses to operate, holding a real honest heart, life, so far, qiaosheruhuang more lethal than blandishments. Of course, this is lethal

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