Zheng Guangyu return home to promote economic development

in the hard years, personal experience is very rich, at the same time, wealth is also very much, in such a context, many people will choose to return to business, make a contribution for the economic development of the hometown. In this paper, the hero Zheng Guangyu is the case, through continuous efforts, the choice of home business, thus the development of parents played a very big role in promoting.

Zheng Guangyu, 40 years old this year, is the town of Changchun Ling village, the village of six. After graduating from junior high school in 1986, go home to farming, a small age, he was faced with the early corruption of farm work is reluctant. The heart is always thinking, must not be in the countryside with the same kind of a lifetime as parents, we must find a way out. However, he is a seventeen – year – old children on their own in the end what can be done in the end? In the end, what can be a child of the age of eight? Where can I go? There is no spectrum of the heart. But Zheng Guangyu, although the age is not big, the idea is very positive, all the time think is to leave the countryside to find a job, go to work, never farming.

is motivated by this idea, at the beginning of 1989, at the age of 20, his arms Chuaizhe only 200 yuan, from home to Songyuan to find work, his heart is only a thought, I have to earn money in the city, change my life. In the absence of any external help, he will rely on their indomitable will and faith to support him.

the first two days of walking a few places no result, living in a small hotel where he made a sad, really do not know where to go? Then listen to people say: if there is no money to do anything big, put stall selling fruit, the whole day can earn a few hundred dollars. Those who said no, the listener interested. The second day early in the morning, he came to the fruit wholesale market, where there are varieties of fruit on the observation, and then follow a number of vendors came to the open-air market, look at the stall selling fruit how to operate.

through observation and investigation, he made a decision, then he sold two years of vegetables and fruits. Although all day out in the market every day, crying all day, but every day there is a certain income, solve the food with rich rich. He congratulated himself that he had stopped at the foot of the city.

later introduced by the students, Zheng Guangyu and received a year old bearings, this time his business has a good turn for the better, economic income day by day up.

in 1992, he learned about bearing sales situation, through the collection of waste bearing so he opened a small shop bearing a small in Songyuan, because of limited funds, so the goods are bought on credit, sales for a period of time and then back to the supplier. Bearing store opened two years, at the beginning of the benefits can still be, but because of fierce competition in the market, economic benefits gradually decline.

is facing more and more depressed business, he decided to leave it

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