Ktv franchise operators how to improve profitability

Ktv franchise operators if you want to improve the profitability of the store, which needs to do management work? Many beginners do not even know the direction of the effort, so the need to continue to learn. Xiao Bian provides a number of simple analysis, hoping to help you find some direction to find ways to provide store earnings.

The status of

traditional competitors: analysis of the number, the level of performance, turnover, profit and income statistics; the reasons for the success of advanced management level: excellent service?? social environment conditions? Failure: poor infrastructure policy factors?? market positioning mechanism failure?


emerging high-end KTV operators: business type, market orientation, whether civilian, aristocratic, etc.. Business area: which area, paragraph, the decoration of the style characteristics and selection of decorative objects.

operating conditions: turnover, operating profit, volume, number of rooms, etc.. Scope of business: the size of the store, can accommodate the number of guests. The size and distribution of all kinds of boxes and so on.

analysis of operating conditions, to find the existing problems, propose solutions, which is a lot of Ktv franchise operators will encounter business process. If you do not know how to investigate the operating conditions, the above analysis can help you find the right path of development, to learn it quickly, I hope you can successfully find a suitable investment opportunities.

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