What are the energy saving and environmental protection projects suitable for investment

energy conservation and environmental protection concept has gradually become popular among the franchisee in order to catch up with the development of the main theme, the choice of the project also requires a lot of attention. Which projects are consistent with this idea? If you want to invest in energy conservation and environmental protection projects, the need for an investigation, in the end what projects are more suitable for investment? Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you.

Project: environmental protection small hotel

entrepreneurs need professional knowledge: hotel management is the strategy of sustainable development and knowledge.

the launch of this project funds at about $10 thousand to $100 thousand. Compared with the traditional hotel, there are many new factors in the transfer, but also requires entrepreneurs too many things, such as decoration costs and more energy, and at the same time will also work hard abnormal, because you want to build a green environmental protection is the premise of housing. To do so, the initial cost of renovation of the green hotel, in fact, do with you to do the traditional two times the cost of ordinary hotels are almost the same.

note that must adhere to the "environmental protection" of the word in the full range, can buy the most simple packaging environmentally friendly products; the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products; note: recovery of each room are put on the recovery box; purchase and provide local organic food. The design of a water-saving garden watering system; bed sheets and towels should be made of pure natural fiber; energy-saving light bulbs; remind guests to turn off the lights, turn off the TV, save water. With a small gift shop, this will give you more additional revenue.

two projects: water saving landscape design

entrepreneurs need to have professional knowledge: landscape design, water saving

the project start-up capital just below $10 thousand to fix, the same starting time is very short, only a few months can, for some market preheat slow businesses, a few years time is enough. And some of the professional knowledge of entrepreneurs is more stringent requirements, the need to develop landscape design skills and knowledge.

item three: environmental protection business consulting

entrepreneurs need to have professional knowledge with enterprise creation and sustainable development recommended

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