What are the most promising projects

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for investors, the key to a successful business is to find a promising industry. Entrepreneurship is an attempt to make their dreams come true, an attempt to change their lives, but there are also some risks and opportunities. So what are the potential development of the industry today?.

Entrepreneurship Project: Education

China is still in the ranks of education in less developed countries, the development of a future 50 years of education. At the same time, compared with the huge education market, the teachers are weak. According to a report released recently pointed out that the Ministry of education, national high school and higher education teachers gap of about 1200000 people, according to the development of the "fifteen" plan, high school education to reach 60% of the gross enrollment rate, according to the student teacher ratio of 18:1 estimates, 2005 teachers gap will reach 1 million 160 thousand, and a large number of private and private schools, the teachers are in short supply. At the same time, it is urgent to improve the level of teachers at the present stage, and a large number of highly educated talents will be the most urgently needed talents. read more

What are the opportunities behind the entrance

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although the real college entrance examination that the days have ended, however, it can cause far more than that a few days. Next, will a few happy tears phenomenon constantly reproduce, while the entrance opportunities not only appear in nature that a few days. In short, the college entrance examination is a battle, but also a wealth of reunion. As long as we are good at digging, college entrance examination for operators to earn unlimited wealth. So, what are the opportunities behind the entrance? read more

How to see through the scam to join

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joined the scam every year countless times, the beginning of the new year, is the business of hot for the project period, hope that businesses are looking for a project, you can develop piercing eye, quickly see through the scam. How to investigate the authenticity of the project? Many novice is not very familiar with this problem, if you want to know more, learn quickly.

1, the company’s registration is not a long time (query, can be registered in the company’s location of the business sector such as Beijing some areas of the business sector, as long as the cost of 1 yuan of money, usually not only can query) registered in the mainland, Hongkong and other places are still registered (in Hongkong, the company registered very low cost). And put forward the franchise (professional term called franchising business features). read more

ntimate bar to create a safe store

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customers often have to take the kids to the store shopping, people will pay attention to very much in the corners of the position, but the child is different, so the child stuttering things happen. So, if you want to create a safe store, want to get more customer recognition, but also need to create a safe environment for children.

In addition to the characteristics of the supply of goods in addition to the

tobacco shop, the store environment requirements are also high, which requires retail customers spend their minds design and planning. Hubei province Jingzhou city Jingzhou district south of the big market cigarette and liquor vendor boss Han Ling Meng is a thoughtful shopkeeper. read more

Open a dessert shop to pay attention to what

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The development of the

era has made a lot of changes have taken place, the dessert market is now ushered in an increasingly large market demand, therefore, entrepreneurship opened a dessert shop has become the choice of many people. However, if you want to make the operation of the dessert shop to succeed, naturally there are a lot of attention. So, open a dessert shop to pay attention to what?

select Sales crowd and location:

said that a small business with big business, to do business women, certainly has much to offer, offering promising dessert. Some people mistakenly believe that women are more likely than men to eat sweets, in fact, is a mistake, in fact, tastes and preferences of the sub sub, many men also like dessert. Many young women to keep slim (or to lose weight), often as the sweets for dessert so great scourges, friends will not bet on young women, to do public business. read more

Tencent electricity supplier of the road from the active investment to draw to helpless abandon

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DoNews March 11th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) from Tencent in 2005 on the first line of electricity supplier project pat Network, Tencent has been working in the field of electricity supplier for nearly ten years. While sitting on the mass of users and traffic, but the Tencent business development pace has been slow to March 10th announced the investment of Jingdong, Tencent with a shrewd deal to sell its electricity business assets, return to the main core business.

back to see the electricity supplier Tencent Road, experienced from the construction of the C2C platform, to participate in the investment, the acquisition of a number of vertical electricity supplier companies, and then give up their own construction, the electricity supplier business to the allies process. read more

100 abstruse cereal contest came the latest news (April 12th)

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Fourth days

today has entered the Olympic Valley contest, the website can let everyone but that is emerge in an endless stream, the most concern is to enter the Google home page site.

is currently ranked to the first place is 100 abstruse cereal science and Technology Co Ltd (www.baiwugu.com), the company is bigger, of course, can have the last laugh is the most sweet.

came to second or 100 abstruse cereal’s most beautiful domain name (baiaogu.com), if the Olympic Valley fame is bigger, I think only in this domain most appreciation potential, look a little, it is not difficult to see that the man is trying to master, who is the third, who is the second, remains to be time to prove. read more

WeChat 5 commercialization of the first copy of Shanda literature behind the impact on the literary

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[IT] Sohu news (Wang Congji) Ali micro-blog shares the latter commercial exploration finally landed, widely believed to form so micro-blog against WeChat pattern. So WeChat now what are you doing? Famous senior WeChat enthusiasts, Pippi wizard assistant president Guan Peng said, WeChat 5 version as early as this month on the line, and the main function is for the new WeChat public platform of commercial road spreading.

Guan Peng revealed that the new features of WeChat 5 are almost related to the public platform: read more