11 companies who are really good at social media

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first_imgTwitter/SkittlesOur very own Irish Rail can send out a zinger if necessaryTwitter/IrishRailSmart Car USA do the mathTaco Bell own Twitter when it comes to getting involvedTwitter/TacobellIt’s even better when two companies are involvedLike Taco Bell and Old Spice:Twitter/TacobellOr Oreo and AMC Theatres (American cinema chain) IN THIS PART of the world, most companies stay formal when it comes to social media.  They’re factual and polite, and rarely delve into amusing banter.Elsewhere, that is not the case, in fact, some companies (we’re looking at you Taco Bell) specialise in it.Here are eleven companies who are really good at social media.O2 speaks their customers’ language and tingTwitter/O2Gamestop did the mothers of the world a solidFacebook/GamestopOld Spice is all man, all the timeTwitter/OldSpiceOreo use Facebook images to get down with the peopleFacebook/OreoFacebook/OreoSega says what everyone’s thinkingTwitter/SegaSkittles like to get involved in hashtag games Twitter/Oreo/AMCTheatresAnd perhaps most famously, Bodyform know how to respond to Facebook commentsFacebook/BodyformYouTube/BodyformChannel11 shocking cute reasons why you should buy a daffodil today>How cheated-on spouses get their public revenge>last_img read more