Month: May 2017

Cabinets to join the investment in environmental protection is worth defending brand

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      quality cabinet has been a concern of the people also buy inferior white products will make his life more trouble, and even a threat to their safety, so many people lack a sense of trust cabinet products. Editor’s note that the cabinet wants to regain the trust of the banner of environmental protection, good quality in exchange for a new sense of trust.

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Did you know that the nternet has spawned so many professions

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now, the Internet has become the focus of entrepreneurs than gold field. The reporter learned through the investigation, from the Internet to 2006, the disappearance of the occupation of more than 3000 species, and this data in 2014, has risen to 5000 kinds, in the disappearing occupation, there are also some due to the Internet industry, analyzes the once popular network sends a founder of occupation Wu Jun:


qqflash occupation

the initial network, bandwidth is not enough, the output format Flash is becoming the main transmission format video animation, Flash brings a huge business space with affinity and propagation speed and other advantages to the whole industry, spawned a hot new occupation – flash flash, who rely on their own creative ability and created a large number of high-quality animation, swept the entire Internet field, become a force in emerging industries. However, behind the network environment has become increasingly rich and colorful, flash have also gradually fade out of sight. read more

Suzhou Kunqu Opera began with the young people together – the whole

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to twenty-first Century, people pay more and more attention to cultural heritage, those five thousand years of cultural treasures, it is worth the attention of modern people. Among them, the local opera has been welcomed by many people, including Suzhou’s Kunqu Opera is not only the elderly, but also popular among young people, which is a very good phenomenon, conducive to cultural heritage and carry forward.

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opera into the campus;

every Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm, located in Jiangsu, Guanqian Street, Qin LAN hall, the classic Opera repertoire staged one by one, the audience are all students. Followed by the interactive link, the children learn to sing a few words with the young actor, participate in quiz to win a small gift, the atmosphere relaxed. read more

A few good projects for small businesses

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some people want to start, but no prior business experience, there is no strong capital, small business insurance is the most well, can minimize the risk in this way, general small business profit space is not large, but can puerile, for beginners is a very good start the idea of what a small business project is better?

personal entrepreneurship small project one: specialty restaurants

catering industry due to the low investment threshold, strong outbreak, has been greatly welcomed by entrepreneurs. Catering industry experts believe that the current stage is still quite profitable to do food and beverage projects, entrepreneurs can give priority to the choice. For the first time entrepreneurs, can start from a small catering business, the gradual accumulation of experience and capital, and gradually become bigger and stronger enterprises. In particular, some of the characteristics of the current category of snacks, a good project with reasonable operation, will be a very good choice for entrepreneurship! read more

Adult supplies store to good business location can not be too fancy.

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After all

products has a special, therefore, if you will be a Adult supplies store opened in the streets of People are hurrying to and fro. at any time, there will be passers-by through the door, you feel like Adult supplies stores will be hot business? After all, Chinese mostly influenced by traditional ideas, even if consumer Adult supplies are hidden, but the place is too loud, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers. So, Adult supplies store to business is good, location can not be too loud! read more

Tibet to increase poverty Alleviation Office efforts

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in the past, Lhasa gives people the feeling is particularly poor, especially in the State Road to see those kids make people sad. After several years of development, Tibet’s economy has gradually gone up, but also with the poor, farther and farther. As the country’s only provincial-level contiguous poor areas, the existing poverty population of 777 thousand people in Tibet, accounting for about 23.96% of the total population.

around "who is poor, who helped to poverty alleviation, how poverty, Lhasa through the door thoroughly, one by one investigation, participatory poverty alleviation precise identification object, established the dynamic management system of poverty population. In July 2015, the district Party committee to further clarify the party committees and governments at all levels in charge of poverty alleviation and the main responsibility, the establishment of "area of responsibility, city, county, township governing implementation engineer" poverty alleviation management system, and the innovation of financial management system of special poverty relief funds, the funds to deep poverty, poverty and poverty area of difficulty tilt. read more

College students entrepreneurship is not a dream, shrimp rich

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in today’s society, as long as you can achieve your personal value is a success, many people do not care about what to do, like the following 80 percent of College students.

. Baoshan District Luojing town agricultural entrepreneurship garden small boss Ma Lan is in a good mood: Australian Lobster growth she farmed most gratifying, lobster raised to 232, a few months, raised to 672 of the time, these will be able to market the lobster. It is hard to imagine that the breeding Park was busy small boss, was 80 who graduated from famous female university students. The day before, Baoshan District Luojing agricultural park officially inaugurated. Ma Lan on his "Lan Lan aquaculture Park" is full of confidence. read more

Female entrepreneurship bloom red tide

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is not a man to earn money to support his family, women at home with children to do housework in the era of women can also strive for the family economy, men can also help his wife to share housework. Female entrepreneurship, blooming red.

3 7, Zhengzhou street, a teahouse in Huainan.

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Green decoration detonated business opportunities

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with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and enhance the awareness of all aspects of modern people are very focused on health and environmental protection decoration decoration, which also makes a lot of investors took a fancy to the business opportunities. But for such a new industry, there are a lot of environmental decoration is not very understanding, the following Xiaobian to give you a specific explanation.

a, environmental protection and low carbon concept

home improvement and low-carbon environmental protection is not the same thing, there is no direct contact. Low carbon is to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the greenhouse effect and environmental protection, indoor decoration mainly refers to chemical, physical and microbiological contamination, these are not what contact with low carbon, low carbon and environmental protection with indoor Never mind. read more

Former vice president of Baidu Yu Jun predicted that this year will be the focus of food and beverag

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if you want to succeed in business, it is necessary to step by step to find market opportunities, which is the secret of Yu Jun’s success. It is understood that the former vice president of Baidu Yu Jun joined the domestic O2O food procurement platform chef network, not only to help the start-up company to build the super class products and technologies, research on the food supply chain data, becomes part of his daily work.

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